Science has discovered that one of your best defenses against cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and other diseases of aging is a group of compounds called antioxidants.

They work by mopping up the free radicals (the causes of disease) in your bloodstream.  Vitamins C and E are prime examples.

Researchers have found a powerful new antioxidant discovered in Grape Seeds, that’s such a natural powerhouse of health, it’s actually 20 times more powerful in protecting you than Vitamin C….and 50 times more potent that Vitamin E.  These small seeds have the power to keep us healthier longer. 

Dr. Joseph's All Natural Grape Seed Oil is also rich in linoleic acid (78%) which helps to clear the veins and arteries of plaque. Dr. Joseph's All Natural Grape Seed Oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential to life and good health and which protects against disease and can treat illness.

For years, researchers assumed that enjoying life with a healthy heart had something to due with wine consumption! But we now know its not the wine, but the Grape Seeds from which the wine is made! That’s where this powerful new family of antioxidants can be found in a super-rich abundance.

In fact Dr. Joseph has made Dr. Joseph's All Natural Cold Pressed Grape Seed Oil available in both liquid and softgel form that can give you this fortress of antioxidant protection.

Read further along and see what people are saying about Dr. Joseph’s Grape Seed Oil. These long time customers have seen results and have recommended Dr. Joseph’s as the purist Grape Seed Oil available, free of additives and fillers. As a matter of fact it is 100% ALL NATURAL!

Active ingredients in Dr. Joseph's Grape Seed Oil offer protection from aging in several ways:

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